“it starts with me feeling sad, then I can feel myself shutting down. Becoming less capable of coping, struggling, feeling numb and empty inside.  not able to go out!

Depression is like a big black cloud. Dark and Isolating. Depression takes many forms, from mild depression where your spirits are low to severe depression.

 But it does not stop you from leading your normal life, just makes everything harder to do and less worthwhile but Severe depression can be life-threatening.

Depression is sometimes misleading.  Sometimes it’s not that you feel sad but there is just something missing.
Sounding familiar

Don’t let depression seriously impact your daily life.  Contact me to discuss your options, and let me HELP YOU! on

Make a decision to make this day a day when you actually start to get better. It's important to know why you are feeling Depressed and why nothing seems to make a difference.

 Imagine a Journey where you build in strength to help you get your mind to exactly where you need and want it to be to start getting better.

The Journey:

1st let's get a better understanding of that part of your mind that is responsible for your depression and why it does what it does.  This will help create the changes you want.

So why on earth do you feel the way you do? your mind has a built-in survival instinct that has kept you alive today.  It ticks away monitoring every split second of every day of our lives.

Our mind is not clever at recognizing a real threat from something that is perceived as a threat, so reacts with that ancient response of FEAR.  And FEAR is a root to exactly what depression actually is.

We are not aware of this activity going on in the subconscious mind because it's completely invisible to your conscious mind, and it's very powerful.  That is why we can not just decide to stop worrying and start enjoying life.

Depression usually has an underlying fear, and when anxious clients first consult with me it's not surprising they demonstrate great strength for survival. 

 Side effects:

 I often hear the word "STUCK" "it's like it's on a new level", often experiencing Anger because it feels out of control.  stress is a code word for fear, so when someone says I am stressed and that is a code word for fear. 80% is the mindset, being fearful is another way you are telling yourself I am disappointed. 

If you want to master your thoughts and emotions then arrange a free consultation with me and discover how together we can change your mindset, thoughts and your emotions will follow.

Obsessive-compulsive thinking:

What we are looking to stop is the OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE THINKING about what you don't want to happen.
And it's easy to say stop doing that with the proper tools.  

Then dissolving the Anxious feelings, one by one with great techniques you can use on a daily basis, helping you to take back control of the depression.

You can either spend all your time and energy worrying about it, or you could spend your time and energy putting it to good use.  The state we are in at the moment powerfully impacts the way we associate with something.

look around yourself, the biggest thing around is STRESS, ANXIETY.  look inside yourself and let me help you shift the negative mindset and regain what you need. 

Be able to dream, decide, THIS IS WHAT I WANT!  my life to be.

Set up a new game for yourself, make a couple of simple ACTIONS, direct your course by knowing what you want in your life.

Conquering and Crushing depression:

Takes practice, diet and exercise make a significant difference to how quickly you recover from depression.

What to eat to eat to improve your mood:

Eating a balanced diet means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.

Eat 5-day base meals, fruit and vegetables. Starchy foods such as potatoes, bread, rice or pasta. Have some dairy, eat beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat, and other protein. Choose unsaturated oils, spreads eaten in small amounts, drink plenty of fluids.

Have you ever thought of a life without it? imagine how that would feel, right now!!!!!  arrange a free consultation with me to discuss the techniques I use.

I can teach you techniques which get to work fast, guiding you and teaching you to conquer your depression. It is free to talk to me on 07598707624. or call into my practice to meet me face to face.


Tinnitus is a condition whereby the sounds of ringing, buzzing, whistling, humming, hissing or other noises are in one or both ears. The sound can be continuous or intermittent and may vary in volume. It is a relatively common condition and can occur at any age.

While there is no quick fix, tinnitus can often improve over time. It is important to first seek medical advice from your GP to rule out any other underlying cause such as infections or build up of earwax.

What is Tinnitus:

The most common type of tinnitus occurs in the form of high-pitched sounds. However, symptoms can materialise in a variety of noises and sensations. Tinnitus can have a significant impact on everyday life. For some people, symptoms can come and go, but for others, it can be very distressing. It can affect concentration levels and may cause problems such as insomnia and depression.

Tinnitus is very individual. Some people will only occasionally experience symptoms, and others may experience a constant ringing of loud noises, and hearing this all day, every day can have s detrimental effect on their quality of life.

The condition can cause a great deal of Psychological stress, especially as there is no escape. The persistent loud and disturbing noises can lead to feelings of frustration, fear, anger and anxiety. While stress is not the cause of tinnitus, it can exacerbate it. When the quality of life is affected as a result of a condition you cannot control, it's not surprising that stress can occur.

Many of the treatments available will focus on improving everyday life and helping you to cope with symptoms. Hypnosis for tinnitus can be effective for not only addressing symptoms but also the associated stress.

Not sure where to start? call me o 07598707624 for more information, help and support in taking the next steps.