Client Testimonials and link to my appearance on the radio show with Neli d Silva, health and wellbeing expert. 

MR T Story regarding a phobia of cheese
For most of my life, I have a loathing of cheese.  There was always been something about the smell, the taste and the texture that repulsed me.

And it applied to everything from the mildest cream cheese to the strongest hard blue cheese.

I do not know why this was the case, if my parents did not give me cheese to eat or if, having been given cheese, I simply could not eat it.

The problem was not that I couldn’t eat dairy products. Milk, butter and cream were all eaten and I couldn’t get enough of clotted cream!

The issue of not being able to eat cheese almost made me a social pariah and accepting invitations to family and friends always had to have the proviso that I couldn’t eat cheese dishes.

It all came to a head one evening when I went out with friends to a restaurant. The menu was extensive and varied, but three-quarters of the dishes either had cheese on them or were garnished with cheese. At this point, I realised that if I was going to enjoy eating out, then I would have to do something about my cheese issue.

I knew that it was not a medical issue as I enjoyed other dairy products, and therefore could not claim an allergy to cheese.

The answer had to be that it was a psychological problem and that I would need to get my head around the problem to find a solution.

At this time, I had known Carol for several years and it was while talking to her one day that I set her the challenge of sorting out my “cheese Problem”.

Carol was more than happy to help me and first of all started getting as much background information as possible from me, enabling her to write a suitable script to use during the hypnotherapy sessions.

At the end of three sessions, Caro had planted the agreed seed in my mind that I wanted to spend an evening with my family, drinking wine and eating cheese.

More importantly, I wanted to enjoy the experience.

It was a little while later that I spent such an evening and totally amazed my family, who had known me all my life, by eating and thoroughly enjoying a variety of mild and strong cheeses.

Caro is a genius who has the skill and empathy to be able to work as a fully trained Hypnotherapist and I continue to thank her for the changes she was able to make to my life.

In conclusion, there is only one proviso that I would give: the work that Carol does and the changes and benefits that she can create will not only work for you if you truly want them too.

MRS D story of Anxiety/Stress 
I have to say that Carol is so professional and calm.  she puts you at ease from the minute you walk through the door.  I have been dealing with lots of issues and I can safely say that she has helped me so much.

I finished my sessions with her last week and walked away feeling very positive about the future.

Thank You, Carol.

Firstly I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for me.  To say it has changed my life is an understatement - I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.

I had lived with issues that had dominated my life for 40 years before seeking help from Carol.  she tailored each session to a specific issue and worked on it until it no longer bothered me.

I found hypnotherapy effective and also very relaxing and this filtered through to other areas of my life and gave me a general feeling of wellbeing I hadn't expected.

Mrs L Testimonial for Fear of Flying
Hi Carol, just wanted to say thank you!. I flew out to Majorca on 17th July with no issues on the flight, and the flight back home on Saturday went well.  I felt no panic attacks, so nice to travel without fear!.