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Hello, and welcome to my website.  My name is Carol Williams, I am an accredited and certified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, Counsellor and BWRT Practitioner. (brain working recursive therapy) I offer a wide range of therapies to people with Anxiety, Fear,  Anger, Depression, Addictions, Pain management, and Emotional difficulties, including, Eating disorders, IBS, Crohn's disease, Bulimia, OCD, bereavement,  lack of self-esteem and confidence.  I specialise in Virtual Gastric Band for weight-loss and Quit Smoking.

I work with many clients with Hypno-analysis and Regression to Cause. helping them to discover the root cause of their problems. When you discover the root cause of your symptoms this gives you a better understanding of how and why you have been feeling like you have.  And the opportunity to make the changes you desire.

 I work alongside the wisdom hospice day centre, with cancer patients helping patients with pain management. See my page on hypno-oncology. I also attend Hi Kent centres, where I work with clients with Tinnitus. 

I run a busy practice in High Halstow Rochester Kent.  I can visit you in your own home if you prefer. 

 Skype appointments are available by arranging an available date and time during a free phone consultation or face to face appointment.  skype works extremely well with hypnotherapy and would be an advantage for people who are located in areas where they are unable to attend my practice in High Halstow.  

My practice:

At my practice, we go on an emotional journey, stumbling blocks and solutions where you come out the other side enlightened and armed with the tools and knowledge you need to get your life back.

My client is always the most important person.   My practice is based on WSN concept, which in laymen terms means your personality traits, where they come from, and how to change them for your benefit. 

 Many of my clients feel good about themselves after working with me, I use the most MODEN HYPNOTHERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES which dramatically transforms the client.

 We all are made up of different parts, I like to describe this as putting on many hats.  when we need to bring a certain part forward to help us we need to take control of certain issues, events or people. An example is when we go to work, for instance, we put on our work hat and behave professionally, as we are representing our company.  we behave in ways that are expected of us. when we come home, we go into family mode, and behave in a different way, right! when we go out we are socialising we can let out hair down so to speak. sometimes we find that parts of us have conflicting views, and this causes us anxiety, stress.  Together we can discover the conflicts and work at resolving them for good.

This can be achieved with my help, training and coaching.  You will be amazed by the changes in you, just after a few sessions. 

Training and Coaching:

I can teach you a tool called self-hypnosis and techniques, which enable you to have the ability to put yourself in a very relaxed state. when you feel yourself experiencing anxiety, fear, or maybe panic attacks. 

 Working with me you will have the confidence to put into place the techniques that we have practised and mastered. 

Effective techniques:
I use simple and effective techniques,  helping you to make beneficial changes to your lifestyle and create beneficial change in the way you would like to be. 

Techniques such as NLP, CBH, Free Association/Regression, BWRT, WSN.  Breathing techniques, Tapping. EMDR, Swan Technique, "3,2,1" technique, 5-second rule, unwind technique for panic attacks, pause button. The list goes on

I believe that if you target the issue from all sides, there is very little chance it will remain, a bit like blasting it out of the water, my clients will tell you this as I use it this terminology in most sessions. 

 All my therapies are tailored made to the individual, so no two are alike. I work with the clients presenting problem, and this may change due to their progress.

Effective Techniques:
NLP  (Neurolstic language Program)  
CBH (Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy)
Free Association/Regression to cause
Tapping, learn how to tap certain parts while thinking about what you want to change, and feel the benefits
The 3,2,1 technique and the 5 step change
Pain Management
Fatigue Management
Sleeping difficulties, try my sleep well techniques
Hot Flashes Management
Nausea Management
Timeline, discover the root cause without going into hypnosis
Reframe how you think with 6 steps
Tools & strategies for all addictions
Self Talk.

My aim:

Is to guide you to new beginnings and positive outcomes and to help you change your life for the better. For those who need the comfort of your own home, I offer a mobile therapy service and can visit clients in their own home, where travel costs can be discussed and agreed.

Wisdom Hospice:

I am at present working alongside the Wisdom Hospice in Chatham as a complementary therapist for HYPNO-ONCOLOGY where I help to provide high-quality treatments to the patients, carers and their families.  The therapy provided is Guided Visualisation and pain control techniques to promote a sense of wellbeing and healing to ensure a positive and beneficial experience for all.

 See my Hypno-Oncology page to discover how effective therapy may help you manage a diagnosis of cancer.

Working with people who suffer Tinnitus. discover how to manage your tinnitus with Hypnotherapy, guided visualisation, along with tools and strategies.

Anger Management:

Find out the root cause of your anger, understand why you feel anger, and take control of your anger, don't let it control YOU.  Work with me with my very successful ANGER PROGRAMME, and discover how you can change your anger.   Discover what it feels like to not get angry!  call me to discuss this programme on 07598707624.

Anger Programme:
Together we ask your sub-conscious mind to work through events or an event where your anger first surfaced, we look at what the event was, what we have learned from it, and what we could have done as an alternative. 

 This is carried out during Hyno-analysis or regression.  parts therapy may be used at this time.  if you would like to know more about this therapy call me to discuss on 07598707624.  

Pain Control:

Pain control is an area patient like me to target, in different parts of the body.  And with my sessions they find the pain control techniques I teach very beneficial, giving them some degree of control over the pain they may be experiencing, whether the pain is in their leg, arm, stomach or back. 

Pain techniques
I teach self-hypnosis and a Glove Anesthesia technique to freeze the part where the pain may be, giving relief and control back to the patient.  Guided Visualisation can be effective for most patients, along with breathing techniques.

Discover the difference between PRE - POST operations with a shorter recovery time prove very beneficial for my clients.  This great Hypnotherapy Technique is a great way of reducing recovery time after operations and gets you back to a normal life in no time.

Workshops and Coaching:  for Anxiety, Stress, Confidence, Fears and Phobias, combined with Pilates:

Come along to our Mindful Guided Meditation, Relaxation and Success Coaching Techniques, held in local halls, on a monthly basis to provide you with the immediate change in all areas of your life and Business.  Workshops are very popular and are PROVING BENEFICIAL for changing limiting beliefs SABOTAGING your success, business and personal life, why not work with me step by step to remove your blocks and replace them with tailored beliefs that will enhance and serve your GOALS and ASPERATIONS.  This is combined with pilates, for all-around health and wellbeing.


 Help enhance your performance to the best of your ability.  If you are looking for this type of help please do not hesitate to call me.  It seems that Crucial performance roles in this modern world of elite sport are becoming increasingly difficult to fill. 

Sportspeople are finding themselves more and more stressed, burnt out and failing to deliver results, and it doesn't need to be this way.  By 2024, we will have a shortage across the globe of the required calibre of person to step up to national or premier coaching positions, (Dennis Holland)  

"why do athletes not perform to their skill capacity"

Core sports performance
Is another great way to reach your goals by using your mind and body connection with HYPNOSIS.  Imagine HYPNOTHERAPY helping your MINDSET to engage to a greater level.


 My practice is completely confidential. I adhere to a professional code of conduct, and I am fully insured with Towergate Insurance.


Working with Hypno-analysis is an effective tool to overcome several presenting problems, including Weightloss, Anxiety, stress, along with many psychological issues which may be the root cause of your presenting behaviour that you want to change.  Imagine working through Hypno-analysis finding the root cause of the problem, so any unresolved issues may be released and dissolved.  Imagine knowing any unresolved issues which you have released may never come back.

could stem from a root cause, discover and dissolve these phobia/fears may be in one to two sessions.  fear of dogs?  fear of flying?  fear of Dentist? know the root cause, dissolve these now!  

  Call me to discuss further to see if this therapy will benefit your wellbeing on 07598707624.  I OFFER A FREE CONSULTATION which is totally confidential.

My background:

My background I started my working life in housing, where I worked in sheltered over 55's,  then followed my passion and trained with Chrysalis to become an accredited professional hypnotherapist.  It was at this time I found my self in the profession which fulfilled every part of me, so I then went onto achieve a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling. I then went on to an advanced training course with the Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy where I was awarded a diploma in Psychotherapy.  This gave me the tools, confidence every hypnotherapist needs to be able to help clients change their lives for the better.

  I am now trained in BWRT brain working recursive therapy, and I am now a BWRT Practitioner.  Since the time I qualified many years ago, I have had the privilege of working with many clients who have come to see me.  I have been part of a life-changing journey and this inspires me no end.

I am registered with the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP) and National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.  (NCP) I am also a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and have been for many years.

I work alongside local Mental Health Teams, where I have been able to assist with depression and Anxiety, Anger and Fear, a debilitating condition if not treated.

Teenagers :

I am at Present working with teenagers suffering in silence with ANXIETY.

Panic Attacks, does this resonate with you?   Imagine what it would be like to blast Anxiety off the face of the earth.   Stop the Panic Attacks in their tracks.  Don't suffer in silence.  Call me so I can help and guide you to A BETTER LIFE.

Preventing suicide has proven to be a difficult public health challenge.  The suicide rate has climbed in recent years across the age groups.  In adolescents, suicide is the second leading cause of death.

I am a very passionate THERAPIST with a client centred approach, and one of the nicest aspects of my work and therapy is the wonderful changes I see in my clients every day.   The Connection my client's experience when they visit my practice makes my job the best job in the world.

 My expertise is to help and guide clients to new beginnings, working with them to make the changes.

Hypnotherapy can help us with fears and phobias, weight loss, exam nerves, job interviews, panic attacks, stress, depression and pain control.  It can even help with performance when playing competitive sport.


Stones Key
I could write you a list of all the things we can tackle and I think you would be amazed at how long and varied it would be.

Take Action and call me now on 07598707624 for a free Consultation, or call in to see me.

Sick from work! stress! Anxiety!, ANGER DOMINATING YOUR LIFE!
 “Rapid Relief Return to Work faster.   Please contact me for more information, and how this could work for you! 

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My Initial Consultation is Free – this can be done in person, or over the phone, on 07598707624
  • Subsequent sessions are charged at £55.00 with each session lasting approximately 50-60 minutes.
  • Quit Smoking session – this is a one-off session priced at £150.00 for 90 minutes.
  • Phobias 1-2 session
  • Work/Life Stress 4-6 sessions
  • ANGER ISSUES 4-6 sessions, ( deeper work may be needed )
  • Panic Attacks usually 4-6 sessions (deeper work may be needed)
  • Erectile  Dysfunction 4-6 sessions
  • Hypnoanalysis is the most advanced form of therapeutic hypnosis. 6-12 sessions may be required.  See my Hypnoalysis page for more details.

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